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1081 Morrison Dr, Charleston 29403

(864) 350-5277


Sunday: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Monday: 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday: 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday: 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Thursday: 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Friday: 4:30pm to 11:00pm
Saturday: 4:30pm to 11:00pm


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The Beers of Edmund's Oast

Charleston Ale Trail: Edmund's Oast

Bound By Time

IPA - American
ABV: 7 | IBU: 70
Rating Score: 3.961 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 3,345

Made with good old-fashioned hop-bursting techniques and irresponsible dry-hopping technology, Bound by Time is an offering to those looking for something brimming with hop character and as unadulterated as a butterfly’s wing.

Charleston Ale Trail: Edmund's Oast

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Fruit Beer
ABV: 5 | IBU: ??
Rating Score: 4.045 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 2,524

Brewed with peanut butter, grape juice, and milk sugar for that sandwich in a glass experience. 5-5.5%

Charleston Ale Trail: Edmund's Oast


Sour - Ale
ABV: 4.1 | IBU: ??
Rating Score: 4.061 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 549

Sour peach wheat beer with a dash of blueberries, mouthwatering and refreshing

Charleston Ale Trail: Edmund's Oast

Caerbannog’s Reserve

Stout - Imperial / Double
ABV: 10.4 | IBU: ??
Rating Score: 4.16 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 379

Milkshake thick stout, chocolate, honey, peanut butter, lactose, nasty, big pointy teeth

Charleston Ale Trail: Edmund's Oast


Sour - Ale
ABV: 9 | IBU: ??
Rating Score: 4.094 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 377

Strong, dark sour ale aged in red wine barrels, sharp acidity with hints of fresh fruit & chocolate brownie

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