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The Beers of test

Charleston Ale Trail: test

(512) Pecan Porter

Porter - American
ABV: 6.8 | IBU: 30
Rating Score: 3.895 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 36,085

Nearly black in color, (512) Pecan Porter is made with Organic US 2-row and Crystal malts along with Baird’s Chocolate and Black malts. Its full body and malty sweetness are balanced with subtle pecan aroma and flavor from locally grown pecans. Yet another true Austin original!

Charleston Ale Trail: test

(512) IPA

IPA - American
ABV: 7 | IBU: 65
Rating Score: 3.741 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 29,708

(512) India Pale Ale is a big, aggressively dry-hopped American IPA with smooth bitterness (~65 IBU) balanced by medium maltiness. Organic 2-row malted barley, loads of hops, and great Austin water create an ale with apricot and vanilla aromatics that lure you in for more.

Charleston Ale Trail: test

(512) Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Pecan Porter

Porter - Imperial / Double
ABV: 9.5 | IBU: 30
Rating Score: 4.205 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 7,290

(512) Double Pecan Porter is a robust porter accented by organic Texas-grown roasted pecans and subtly enhanced by aging in recently emptied oak whiskey barrels. Notes of chocolate, coffee and pecan marry with the subtle flavors of vanilla and whiskey to make this a wonderful warmer worth sharing and savoring. We sincerely hope you enjoy every sip.

Charleston Ale Trail: test

(512) Wit

ABV: 5.5 | IBU: 10
Rating Score: 3.567 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 5,212

Made in the style of the Belgian wheat beers that are so refreshing, (512) Wit is a hazy ale spiced with coriander and domestic grapefruit peel. 50% US Organic 2-row malted barley and 50% US unmalted wheat and oats make this a light, crisp ale well suited for any occasion.

Charleston Ale Trail: test

(512) Cascabel Cream Stout

Stout - Milk / Sweet
ABV: 6 | IBU: 20
Rating Score: 3.808 / 5.0
Total Ratings: 4,734

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